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the tired: Another sleepless night.  I’ve been up since 2ish, and while the offspring is finally back to sleep, there isn’t much point in going to bed myself since I have to get my other daughter up for school in 1/2 and hour.  I’m terribly worried that this is just becoming a habit for Kes….

the good: I’m so excited that I’m finally getting comments and traffic and all that wonderful blog stuff!  Hello to all my new friends!  It certainly makes me want to keep it up.  I think I mostly have Ravelry to thank for all the “referals”. I love Ravelry- its so much fun to roam around at…

Also good: I’ve finished my xmas shopping for the girls.  Whew! Now I only have a small handful to worry about.  Not so good: I had to borrow money from my father to do it. So no xmas gift from Daddy for me this year.  I really don’t mind that- its much more inportant that the girls have a good holiday. But its so depressing, and degrading, to have to ask.  I’m looking for more work, but between you and me, I really hope my hubbie gets “inspired” and decides to look for a better job, since right now I’m paying for everything, and besides he really should make more than minimum wage at his age…. grumble grumble.

I’ve been knitting away at my scarf for my nephew, and I’m really pleased with it so far:

My skull scarf

And the reverse side:

my skull scarf reverse

Since the picture was taken, I’ve finished another skull (sleeplessness has some benefits, I suppose).  I got the chart from somewhere, and I swear I’ll update this as soon as I find the link to it.  I’m very happy with it, but its taking quite awhile.  I still have to make something for my father and his wife- after borrowing money, I don’t want to buy him a gift with it- so it’ll be a busy December.

finally, the bad (although the sleeplessness and the lack of fund isn’t so great). Last night I overdid it on cold medication- I’m such a dolt!  I was desparate, so I took some of my kids nyquil, in an adult size portion, but it didn’t seem to work.  so about an hour later, I popped a couple Dristans.  WARNING: DON’T DO THAT!  I barely made it to the bed.  Seriously, I was knitting away when suddenly the room started to move and blur, and I had to put it down and go lie down.  I hate that feeling- I wasn’t much of a party-er as a teenager, and the few heavy pain pills I’ve had prescribed to me  all had a bad effect, but I didn’t expect the reaction I got.  I mean, when it comes to tylenol and advil, I take them by the handful (i’m exagerating… a bit)

Oh, I’m so tired I’m likely to embarass myself.  I should go hide myself from the world now.  Have a good day!

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I don’t mean like perverted sick (well, maybe my hubby, but that’s not really appropriate here).  I mean coughing, sneezing, sniffing sick.  My poor, poor little girl has it the worst (although i think I’m running a close 2nd, since I’m sick and I have to take care of her at 4 in the AM).  Kesara has this horrible cough, that sounds like a 20 year smokers cough.  And it has been going on so long- and my main excuse for not posting more. Seems like every other night she is up between the precious hours of 2 and 4am- side note: there are  an awful lot of commercials for penis enlarging pills on at that hour; what does that mean exactly?

So I haven’t had much sleep.  And she is so unhappy about it all, that she won’t let me out of her sight.  I’ve had to the doctors, and now she has a puffer to help… Please, to all the fates that be, let her get better so I can get some sleep and so she can got back to being my happy little girl again.

My other daughter is much more determined- she doesn’t want to admit she is sick.  But she has always had an amazing constitution, despite her severe allergic (mental) reaction to vitamins and minerals found in vegetables.

I have managed to do a bit of knitting, but I don’t have a picture yet- I’ll have it tomorrow.  I’m making a double knit skull scarf for my teenage nephew.  He may not ever where it- he is a teenager, after all- but i think he’ll like it anyhow, and my sister will love borrowing it from him.

But I do have a picture- my husband happened upon a sweater I had started YEARS ago for a friends daughter, that I finished up about a year ago and hoped to give to Kes.  But she’s so chubby, it was torture to leave it on her- I’m so sad in some ways, because my friends daughter would have loved it.  It is the singular most expensive project I’ve ever done, since it has 3 different yarns in it- I don’t remember the brand, but one had a lot of stretch, and one was a metalic thread, so they were expensive to begin with.  So now I have this extravagant sweater and no one to give it to.  I made the pattern myself too, although I’ve since lost it (thats so typical of me!).  I hope you like it: 

skinny baby sweater

The thing in the middle is a heart- it looks better in person.

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This is my latest project.

Star scarf

I got the pattern here: http://www.craftychickonline.com/Knit%20Star%20Scarf.htm

Its my first time double knitting, and I love it!  I’m planning alot of xmas gifts using this- although its a bit slow going, and my fingers get a bit sore.  I just love the way it looks, except for the edges.  I went to another site, ( http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/advanced-techniques ) that had a nice tutorial about double knitting, and she suggested a different way to do the edges, so I tried it, but I didn’t really like it.  As a result, this scarf has very funny, constantly changing edges, but it was just a practice scarf, and my 7yearold loves it anyhow.

I’ve been up today since 3:30am.  My darling toddler decided that was the time to get up, and didn’t decide to go back to sleep til 6:00, and there wasn’t much point in going back to bed myself, since I get up at 6:30.  So I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  I wonder if this post will make any sense tomorrow.

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cheshire cat

This is my other something beautiful; my baby Kesara. She was my reward after 3 miscarriages and alot of struggles.  She is full of mischief, and typically toddler-stubborn.  But she loves to give and get kisses and hugs, and sing songs and twirl with her sister.  She’s still so young, that I don’t really have any idea who she’s going to be, but so far its been a blast.

As for knitting: I said i would do something last night, and i tried.  I sat for awhile and opened my “knitters handbook” and practiced some new cast ons.  If my mother knew, she’d be livid! Are most mothers like that- determined that their way is the only way?  I don’t mean that to be mean, its just I know my mother would wonder why the way she taught me wasn’t good enough.  Which, of course, is a perfectly good way to cast on, but it was nice to try some other ways.  I learned how to come up with a couple of decorative ways to cast on, and I learned a couple cast ons that are a lot looser, that I think will come in alot handy when casting on for Libby to knit from.

I also spent quit awhile learning stuff off the web, thanks to Ravelry.  I’m especially taken up with the idea of recycled yarn (check out the link in my blogroll to “Soulful Hues Knits” where my new friend Shellee has a page about it).  I am terribly, terribly poor (well, poor enough that I have no budget for yarn) and yet LOVE to wander thrift shops, up to now just for kids clothes. I admit I have never worked with wool, except in little scraps left over from other peoples projects, so there is real excitement at the prospect of getting yarn for less. And the excitement of the search is kinda appealing too. Hopefully I’ll have time to go today.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something on the needles.

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I’ve decided that I need to start looking at the positives in my life (cuz lately life feels like it sucks) so today I’ve put a picture of one the most beautiful things in my life.  This is my adorable, funny, puckish seven year old daughter, Libby.  Full name Liberty-ann.  Isn’t she amazing?  I’m very, very lucky to have her.  She makes me laugh everyday with her silly, sometimes gross (she is 7, after all) sense of humor, and she makes me smile when I see how much she treasures her little sister.  I am grateful that I have the opportunity to watch her grow; she is at that wonderful age where she is just starting to form her own opinions of things, and sometimes it amazes me how aware she is. 

When she was born, my life was transformed.  Not just because I gave up sleep, but because she made me want to be a better person, and she made me think “I must be pretty okay myself, if I can make something so amazing!”.

I hope her future is full of excitement and fullfillment.  I hope she grows up to really know herself, and follow her heart, and her passions.

But if a boy ever comes along and breaks my little girls heart, I will personally see to it that they end up singing soprano for good!

Okay, so in other news…

I’m a bit ticked today, because I can’t find my double pointed needles (i’m pretty sure a kid found them, and decided they would be fun for a game of pick up sticks) and I can’t go out to get more because Kes is still sick, and today it actually snowed, it so freaking cold out.  I don’t want to try on my winter jacket from last year, though I should, because I fear it won’t fit, and then i’ll get depressed and want to eat, and… well you see where that goes. And even if I could get out, I wouldn’t want to go to my lys, because even though i’m glad i have one close to me, i really don’t like this particular one.  Its actually a quilting store, with this tiny bathroom sized room in the back overstuffed with overpriced yarn, and that seem to treat knitters as a necessary annoyance.  And everything is so expensive!  I once tried to by a knitty knobby for my daughter there once, and they wanted $18 for it!  We used to have a great little yarn store in town, and I loved going there- it can’t have been doing too bad, since it had been here for at least 10 years. The people were friendly, the yarns reasonably priced, and it was packed full of patterns and ideas.  If I could have one of my wishes granted, it would be to open up another shop like that myself.

So until I find those needles, I’m going to have to come up with something else to do- unlike most people, I rarely have more than one thing on the needles.  I don’t know why- I have a long list of ideas of things I want to knit in my head, I just don’t get around to them. And I have a bunch of yarns bought for projects, but I end up not likely them once I start them, so I quit.

I make a promise to myself to come up with something and spend some time actually knitting.

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I guess it takes a bit of work to get used to blogging.  I really want to do it, but life keeps interupting.. damn life! The journal I work for is about to go to press so I’ve been super busy on that, and the baby and I have been so sick…

 But I was jolted out of the dolldrums this morning by an invite from Ravelry!  and since I had worked so hard lately, I decided I deserved to spend most of today exploring.  I’m quite impressed!  I really don’t know how much use I’ll make of the organizational tools yet, since I can’t even find much of the stuff I’ve made in the past. But I love the communities, all there at your fingertips.  And I love to see what everyone is making.  And I have a feeling there will be more interesting things in the future.

 So while I haven’t been blogging, I have been knitting.  I managed to finish a poncho for my youngest. I don’t have a picture with her wearing it yet, but then I’m still learning how to put the damn pictures in anyhow…. argh!Kesara’s poncho

I’ve also started a project for Christmas.  Years ago i made my daughter little felt stockings, numbered 1-24, and would put a little chocolate or a trinket in each one, like an advent calendar.  Well, this year I decided i would knit little pockets instead, to practice my intarsia knitting.  I’ve done one pocket, but I’m not too pleased.  Still, I think I know how to fix it- to do it over, i mean. I just don’t know if I’ll get it done it time for December 1st. I have other xmas projects on my list too, so we may be back to the little felt stockings after all.

I’ll let that be it for today, but I commit myself to writing again tomorrow.

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