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I spend way too much time on the web, and I frequently come across blogs that are a ghosttown.  Wind whistling and tumbleweeds tumbling and all.  So why I am I so ashamed that I am the owner of such a blog?

I could argue that I have neglected it because I have self-esteem issues: “Why would anyone want to listen to me?”  Maybe that is responsible for 10%.  Give another 20-25% to just plain feeling like I have a boring life. I certainly ain’t some devil-may-care thrillseeker, or living the life of luxury and the envy of all.

But mostly it is that my children have sucked out all my braincells, which simply can’t be regrown.  It has left me to be the most forgetful person.  I always forget where I left my keys, I have no idea when my own mother’s birthday is, and I quite often call my eldest daughter George, which is her father’s name (usually when she’s being gross or a smartass.) Its not my fault.  It really isn’t.  Children simply cause early dementia.

But rather than dwell, I’ll just carry on, like nothing ever happened...

I have been knitting like crazy, since the family and I moved in June to be closer to a variety of yarn stores.  Well, we didn’t move purely for the yarn shops, but it is a definite plus.  I have already given creative yarns more money than was available in our tight family budget.  But what beauty I have gotten from it!!

ditasscarf3This was my only my second time doing lace.  It was really not as hard as I thought, and I have to say blocking is the best thing.  Not just for knitting either. 

Its made of alpaca, which is so soft you’ll never want to go back.  The lucky recipiant will be my father’s wife, and it is the first thing checked off my xmas list.

Next up, the scarf for my father:

dad's scarf2Modeled by my charming, albeit sassy, 9 year old, who insists, and I do mean insists, on modelling everything.  I will never knit pasties or a thong.

I really enjoyed this pattern, and I think my father will really like it, being that he’s a scientist and all.  The only thing cooler would have been bugs, since he’s an entomologist.  Oh, or maybe like a sound wave or something, since he studies bioacoustics (bug songs)… Since starting this, I have had so many ideas for my father, while I struggle to come up with something, anything suitable for others.  Ain’t that always the way?

One note though- this is pure wool, which is more fun to knit than acrylic, but it was not nearly as soft as the alpaca.  Every once in awhile I had to pick up something soft for awhile for a while and fondle it.  Not knit with it, just fondle it.  Try it sometime.

I planned well after the scarf though, and got to do something super, super soft.  This is a cashmere, merino and silk mix:

wendisscarfThe picture is a bit blurry (It ain’t easy to keep a kid still, even when they volunteer.  Another reason I don’t let the 3yo model stuff) but this really turned out well.  I wish the internet had touch-o-vision.

Now, the risk one runs by doing holiday gifts early, is that other gift giving occasions may arises that necessitate the sacrifice of a holiday gift.  This went to my sister for her 50th birthday.  She seemed to be very pleased, so it was worth the sacrifice.  However, I had to remove one of my checkmarks. 

And then there is this:

rileysfishhat2I am so proud of this, and at the same time I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of it on my grandnephew’s head.  Hopefully my niece will think of it.  But it is such a fun and quick pattern, and turned out so well.  Again, not xmas- Riley had just turned 2.

I have also finished a hat for me (An elephant hat!) and a pair of socks for my husband’s grandmother, and a scarf for another sister for xmas.  All of these pictures should be forthcoming.

Well, I don’t know how interesting this post was, but at least I did it.  Now I have to give up the laptop to amuse the children.  I like to act like I resent it just a little, but I don’t, because while she uses the laptop, I am ‘forced’ to knit….HA!

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