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Belated Merry Ho!

I am glad Christmas is over.  Does that make me a Scrooge?  I like the season and all, but I’m so very, very tired, and so very, very poor…. And I still have a birthday to do on the 30th.  My eldest turns 10.  I’m too young to have a 10yo!  Okay, thats a lie.  I turn 40 on the 11th of January… so I guess I am old enough to have a 10yo…. but still, it just seems wrong.

I’m rambling, I know, but that’s what happens when the chaos wins.  I finally felt like things were about to settle down again, and then birthdays and new years came back at me.  We don’t usually (meaning never) do anything for New Year’s eve, but we’ve been invited to a friends house, along with the kids, and we kinda feel obligated to go.  I mean, I enjoy the friends, just not taking a 4yo home on the bus after midnight on New Year’s eve.  And frankly, I just want the world to disappear for awhile while I recuperate.  Sigh.

And the 10yo doesn’t understand that we don’t have enough money to do all the things she wants to do on her birthday.  In fact, I really shouldn’t be buying her a present, because I’m not sure the rent is all there.  But I will get her something.  Sigh.

2 sighs.  That’s enough to get me booted offline.

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Meet our new ward:

My daughter’s friend was moving and had to get rid of him.  My mother thinks its disgusting, but I don’t mind.  Its brought such joy to my little girl, it can’t possibly be bad. And I have to admit, I’ve gone into her room alone a few times and played with him.  At night she brings him out to the living room, and I started rubbing his head and he actually started to purr!  No, seriously!  I never knew that rats could purr!  It gave me a great status with my daughter for a couple days, then she made him purr so I don’t matter so much anymore, which, in this instance, is cool by me. 

The strange thing is that I think this has made my husband understand a little more about how much the girls and I want a cat.  We had one until last spring, but well.. I don’t want to talk about it.  Lets just say I really miss him.  I recently (before the rat) convinced him we should get a kitten in the spring, but then I didn’t speak of it much.  But now, with the rat around, he keeps making references to when the cat comes… I think he sees how happy it makes her and I, and knows a cat would make us even happier.

On to knitted things: completed the mad trapper’s hat for great grandad. My husband is the model.

Very soft, because its in alpaca.  And that’ll mean its plenty warm. I put a tassel instead of a pompom.  Mostly, I hate pompoms.  Notice I couldn’t get the husband off the phone to take the picture… And they say women are chatty!

Here is the potato chip scarf I made:

Never again.  Probably.  I actually like the way the scarf turned out, but my circular needle was too short, and the yarn… well, I would never recommend it.  My hands ached. Either way, its done.  It’ll make a perfect ‘oh shit, I forgot a present for her’ kinda scarf.

Now I’m onto a pillow for my sister and her husband- I drew their names for the family. I’m doing 2 pillows.  I chose to do a checker kinda pattern on it, but now I’m wishing I had just found a simple pattern, something in a nice chunky so it would knit up faster.  Ah well.

Off to do Christmas shopping today.  Kids are so freaking expensive.

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Okay, I missed a few days, but they have been pretty interesting. First, on Saturday I took my daughter and her friend to see a presentation at the library from Black Creek pioneer village- a period park here in Toronto. The woman showed them how to cart wool into fleece, and how to use a drop spindle. I really just used them to get it- I really wanted to see it myself… it was very informative, and it makes me much more interested in spinning myself!

I also learned there that I’m very glad I have girls. There were quite a few boys there, that were mightly annoying. Asking silly questions, jumping up and down, interupting… I knw I would have loved a son, but girls are just easier.

Then on Sunday we went to the Santa Claus parade at my home town. Smaller and more traditional than the Toronto one, but also less crowded and more fun because of it.
Here’s my crew:
 The two on the ends are mine.  Aren’t they cute?


Below is the only shot that I took of the parade.  I love that the klingons come every year (I’m not a huge star trek fans, just its cool for such a small town).


So back to the real world today.  I went shopping, but I’ll write about that tomorrow

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