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Let’s just say I’m giving it another go.

Frankly, Life got so crazy that I never had any time to knit.  I go through phases like that.  But then I realized I was depressed and that maybe part of that was because I had given up everything (read: knitting) to take care of my 3 kids (2 beautiful little girls and a big, hairy, lazy husband!). 

I’ve decided I need to knit.  It keeps me sane.  All work/servitude and no knitting make Mama something-something.

Perhaps Christmas is the cause.  In the past year (or so) I have pulled out the needles a few times to work on the master’s swatches, but frankly, they are boring, and I’m tooooooo critical of myself.  And then I make up some other excuse to quit, like I can’t find the right tags for them (happened upon them last week, so there goes that one.)

But with the holiday I realized my youngest still doesn’t have a personalized stocking.  I crossstitched one for the eldest before her first Christmas, in Winnie the Pooh, and she hates it.  Apparently, Tigger is NOT cool enough for an 8 year old.  So I’ve started to make them stockings.

I had the eldest pick out colors for them.  I’m relieved she didn’t go the red/white/green route- Too much of that is simply too much.  She chose pinks and purples for her sister, and a variety of ‘cat-friendly’ colors for herself.  Apparently hers has to contain an orange cat image. 

I discovered I love fair isle!  it makes such a thick, tidy piece without much effort.  And I’m really enjoying the bright colors.  And so far, knock on wood, it hasn’t become boring. 

It is a touch too big, but the kids won’t complain about that.  More room for the loot!!

So here is a picture of the stocking so far.  I really, really wish I could take beautiful pictures like I see on other blogs, but I don’t have the gift (or perhaps the camera).

The Fair Isle pattern on Kesara's stocking

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