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I know that no one is listening yet, but I’m used to talking to myself.

 I am paid by a US company, and when i started my job back in 2003, that worked to my advantage.  I made about $1275 US, and took home sometimes as much as $1800.  That, plus the fact that I was a single mom and so received about $300 from the government in baby bonus (for one kid!), was a satisfactory living.  I still couldn’t afford a car, but I could afford swimming lessons for my daughter, and go out to for the occassional cup of joe with my friends.

But with the new currency exchange, despite many a raise over the years, i am seriously hurting for cash.  I now bring home around $1450, and since I am back with my husband, and have one more child, my baby bonus is barely $200 for both of the kids.  Yes, my husband contributes, but he works minimum wage, and after he buys cigarettes and pop and all the other crap- well, we can afford some groceries, but every month I have to beg, borrow, and do what I can to come up with money for Girl Guide uniforms and fees, and school photos and fundraising drives… oh, and clothes, diapers, cookies… etc. etc.

So purchasing yarn most of the time is beyond reach.  I admit, I occasionally do it, and suffer for it eventually.  But most of the time I search through my stash for something to use.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am infamous for starting a project and then quitting it.  Mostly this is because I leave it so long I forget where the hell i was- would it surprise you if I said my house was disorganized too?  But I’m working on that.  Still, it means I have several balls of yarn available for a new project.  Of course, if I didn’t buy the yarn for a project I wasn’t going to finish, I might have the money to buy yarn for the project i want to do now… ah, but chaos is enticing!

 So an incomplete baby sweater becomes a 7 year olds poncho.  Perhaps not ideal- if its not pink or purple, its not perfect to a 7 year old girl.  But an opportunity to try a new pattern, to take me away from the insanity that surrounds me, an excuse not to do the dishes.  We all need something.

Otherwise, I need to find another job.  Like I have anymore free time.  Seriously, I have no idea how I’m going to manage it.  But I also have no idea how I’m going to pay my mastercard bill this month if I don’t find more work.  I could sit here and bitch about my darling husbands lack of ambition (he’ll never read this, after all), but I find that just gets me more crap from friends and family, and besides, after the first time we separated I promised myself I would always make enough that i could support my children by myself if I needed to.  And I need to support my knitting habit too.

This post has lacked a bit of focus, but then so do I…

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