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My Ill-gotten bootie…

Here it is:

Actually, there is one more sock yarn, but I’ve already got it on the needles.  The plan was to use the green alpaca for a hat for my husband’s grandfather, the sock yarns for socks for 2 female friends for xmas, and the lavender for some kinda cowl for another friend. The green is still a go, and one pair of socks, but now my daughter wants a hat out of the other sock yarn.  It won’t really be very warm, but its so hard to get her to wear a hat at all, that its better than nothing.  And it could look pretty funky… I made one for a baby once, out of sock yarn, and it was pretty cute.

The whole lot cost me way too much.  And in the end, you know all the recipiants think that I did it to save money.  I mean, you are looking at 3 presents for $100.  If I had bought gifts, I wouldn’t have paid more than $20 each, and frankly I can’t afford that much anyhow. 

But I was in the store, fondling all the yarn, and only the alpaca (okay, the cashmere too) was soft enough for my liking.  I used to use only acrylic, because I couldn’t see paying for wool, and then I started knitting with wool, and then alpaca, and I fell in love and can’t go back.  But wool, at least the stuff I should be buying, is scratchy, so what can I do?  I refuse to lower my standards!  (Not true, really- I still use wool once in awhile, for appropriate projects)

But I did learn something last night.  Something very important.  Yarn cannot cure all woes. 

I NEEDED to go out last night.  I had had a really rough week, and I wanted to be away from the demands of my children and husband.  But I came home feeling worse.  Just sibling-relative stuff- the filthy gunk that clogs us up from childhood on.  At my age, I shouldn’t care anymore, but I do.  And even a hour in a packed yarn store didn’t help.

Still, today I can knit. And knit I shall!  Because while yarn can’t help me get over my childhood issues, knitting can let me forget about them for awhile.

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