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Five kids, if you include my husband.  Oi!  What was I thinking? 

My friend is in the hospital, and I offered to take her 2 little girls to get there shots while I did mine.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until we took a bus ride ($2.80 for the kids that weren’t mine, I might add)  and a subway ride, and a snack for the walk (another couple bucks) before we get there and find out they won’t let me do it.  I had a note from the friend and everything.  But alas, no go.  So instead, I had to drag the two extra little beings, along with my own 3yo who already had had her shot, through all the lines etc.  It didn’t take long- really, the  nurses and organizers do a pretty good job- but I suspect that the other people in the lines, mostly adults, didn’t enjoy our company.  Fortunately my husband was in a rare good humour, and made a few people laugh, so no one tried to kick us.

I bought them lunch afterwards- around $20.  There was only one fight, a big one, in the restaurant, so actually it went better than I thought.  Still, I’ll think twice before I do it again.

My eldest, 9yo, is an anxious child.  I don’t know if its just her age (I sure hope not, cuz someday I’ll have another 9yo) or her personality, but she gets worked up over everything.  Before she was able to get the shot, when they only allowed little kids to get it, she was Terrified that she’d catch the flu and die.  Terrified with a capital T.  Then when I said we would go get it, she was Terrified about the shot hurting.  Then after we got the shot, she was Terrified she would have some kind of bad reaction.  Oi!  She was sitting afterwards in the waiting room crying.  And then we get home last night and, of course, she’s crying because her arm is hurting, so something horrible must be happening.  I love my daughter so very much, I want to be sympathetic, but after awhile you just want to smack the kid in the back of the head and tell her to chill out!  (I have never hit my kids… I swear…)  She went to bed crying last night.  I went to bed wanting for a large glass of brandy!

So thats that.  I brought my knitting (a sock) but didn’t even pull it out.  And when I got home, I didn’t have much time to knit either.  Don’ t these rotten kids know that mommy needs to knit?  I managed to start the Mad trapper toque, but undid it because I screwed it up (tried doing 2×2 ribbing rather than 1×1, but stupidly didn’t do the math to see if it would work.) I ending up finishing only 2 rounds.

And now I have to do work-that-earns-money.  Sigh.

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